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"I’m a second-generation Santa Monican. My family’s been part of our City’s history since 1938. I’ve lived through less inclusive years and rejoiced as we became a progressive model for the nation.


This past year has shaken our hope. It is clear we still have a lot of work to do.


Now, as we ask ourselves tough questions, listen and learn, I’ll help guide our City to become more genuinely equitable, inclusive and forward-thinking. My professional experience and lived historical context give me the unique ability to achieve these goals. I worked for FEMA, the Obama Administration, and Mayor Garcetti. I served as a Pier Commissioner and volunteered in the St. Monica community. As a Black parent of young children, I know the challenges facing Santa Monica families.  


Critical days lie ahead as we fight COVID-19 and address the outcry for systemic change. My priorities on City Council are: economic recovery; rebuilding our exceptional city services; increasing access to affordable housing; reimagining public safety; and greater social/racial/economic justice." 


Councilmember Kristin McCowan

For Santa Monica.

From Santa Monica.


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